Welcome to the Joys of Owning a home.

This page is dedicated to those that are just starting down the road to securing thei future by deciding to buy their first home. This is a great decision and studies have shown that even in tough times over 80% of home owners believe owning a home was the right step.

First there are some things to know. Please view these videos and as always feel free to call me with any questions you might have.  

#1 Getting the loan in a difficult economic time is your strongest move. See Why!

#2 The second step is to shop for your home. If you have your financing in hand you have a stronger negoitiating position to get a good price. Learn why and how with this video and as always feel free to call me with ANY questions you might have.


#3 This step is both exciting and nerver racking. But also at this time you are nearing the end of the tunnel and truly the next pahse of your life will be begining. Closing the Deal will go much easier when you see how it's done with this video.


Oh by the way! Did I mention that at ANY TIME you can call me with any questions you might have!